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Nowadays it seems that the world revolves with the help of computers only. Wherever you see, you cannot see anything but computers. Everywhere from a small grocery shop to a multiplex, everything rolls with the help of computers only. You should be very careful in purchasing the best computers and the computer parts. The parts should be thoroughly checked whether it is genuine or not before purchasing. Even now there are retailers who sell duplicate parts that reduces the quality of the product and thereby abating its efficiency also. Therefore if you are looking out for the cheap computer parts, just visit keenzo.com. They are the ever reliable computer parts' sellers available in the country as of now. None other than keenzo can serve you much better by providing the cheap computer products.


Assembling your own computer using cheap computer parts has become very popular. It is very economical. Also the process will make you familiar with your system and to know more about making a computer in general. It is to be kept in mind that the available parts are of different makes and designs, but basic principles of assembling are the same.




• Read a computer guide to get useful information, for making a computer that suits your requirement.


• Prepare a list of parts you require before making the purchases. Prefer a large hard drive as you can possibly afford, so as to allow future expansion. 


• Make sure that the parts you purchase are compatible with the system, you are planning to make. Keep the parts in anti-static bag, to reduce damage caused by static electricity, until you are ready to assemble them in the system.


• Ensure that you are fixing the parts at the appropriate places. Never use force to insert them, as the parts will get damaged. Make sure that the procedure you are adopting is proper and apt. 


• You should take extra care before connecting power supply to your system, as the voltage will be very high inside. There is possibility of the parts getting damaged. Never work on your computer with the power switched on.


Remember, although older parts can be less costly, you need to spend a lot for an upgrade. Be careful so that you don’t buy defective parts in the name of cheap computer parts. The situation now may be better due to stiff competition, but chances of finding defects still remain. It is better if you check the authenticity of the long warranties offered by the companies as well.

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